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Wholesale ABS & PC/ABS Reprocessed Pellets:

Alloy Exchange specializes in gray or black ABS (Acrylonitrile/Butadiene/Styrene) and PC/ABS (ABS with Polycarbonate) plastics, of which 100% comes from post-industrial plating-grade feedstock giving you a very consistent product lot after lot, year after year. Alloy Exchange firmly believes that our molding customers do not need to sacrifice quality when switching from a virgin resin to our reprocessed pellets.


A random sample from each 40,000 pound lot is pulled and sent to an independent ACIL member testing lab. Testing is completed to ASTM or ISO specifications and can be sent to your prior to shipping your order if requested.

To view the Material Properties sheets or Material Safety Data Sheets click here.

Tested Properties
Specific Gravity
Flexural Modulus/Strength
Tensile Stress
Notched Izod
Melt Index/Flow Rate
Deflection Temperature under load

D792-00, Method A
D1238-04c, Method A
D648-06, Method A

180: 1993(E)
1133: 1991(E)


ABS is currently listed on GM Material Specification GMP.ABS.018R.

Compounding/ Pelletizing:

Using pellets allows for better processing control. Eliminate the trouble of running regrind in at a “percentage” by allowing us to
compound and re-pelletize your plastic regrind. To insure quality of finished compound, testing is available.


Alloy Exchange offers three ways to ship your material:
1. Gaylord Boxes – We use a top quality recycled gaylord box with a new liner and lid. Each gaylord is filled to a net 1500
2. Poly Bags – Net weights for these bags are consistent throughout each lot, filled to 1650 net pounds per bag.
3. Bulk Pellets – If you would prefer to ship directly to your silos, Alloy Exchange can accommodate by shipping up to 42,000
plus pounds via the bulk carrier of your choice.

For quality and reference purposes all gaylords and bags are clearly labeled with material type, as well as box and lot numbers or we
can create custom barcode labels to meet your needs.

Toll Grinding/ Size Reduction:

Alloy Exchange offers toll grinding at competitive pricing. We are able to safely reduce your large or small parts. Our
comprehensive cleanout process eliminates any cross contamination problems and insures proven quality results.
Alloy Exchange can be the solution to eliminate your regrind problems of noise, cross contamination and clean up.